Pandanus Bay Waterfront Apartments

Address: Pandanus Bay Waterfront Apartments, Pango Bay, Port Vila, Vanuatu    Phone: 7771667

Other Islands


If you have the time, a visit to the nearby island of Tanna to climb the live volcano is another must. Where else in the world do you get to sit on the rim of a live volcano watching lava spew up high into in the air. Stay in a guest house built up in a tree, visit villages that are still as they always have been – modernization has not come to most of Tanna which makes it a special place to visit. The people are genuine and the island so natural.



Dive the wreck of the President Coolidge. One of the largest, and deepest wreck dives in the Pacific. Once a high class liner that transversed the ocean with opulence, during the war it carried troops which were forced to abandon ship when it hit the reef. You can still see jeeps and other army paraphernalia down below. Everyone that dives the wreck raves about the experience.



Fly up for the day to Pentecost and witness the spectacular and awe-inspiring land diving, the precursor to the bungy jump. Men jump head first wearing only a penis sheath and a vine attached to their leg. Landing on their sides and shoulders on the soft earth a hundred feet below. Even watching is not for the faint hearted.